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Business Storage

A business storage unit can be an excellent asset, providing you with a versatile solution to multiple business needs.

It can also help you to SAVE BIG, by replacing some of your retail space requirements and allowing you to use your retail space more effectively, with maximum return.

Business Storage


Long-Term Document Filing
  • storage units with shelving are the perfect place to store old records and receipts that you wish to keep or are legally obligated to keep for the ATO

Backup Protection
  • protect against fire or theft (avoid wasting tens of thousands of dollars and months or even years of work trying to replace lost files)
  • perfect as a separate location to store copies of important documents
  • store backup copies of your customer data
  • store computer backup tapes and drives
  • you can even set up a phone line and computer and backup your digital files remotely

Tools and Equipment Depot
  • great as a depot for shared business tools and equipment amongst
    mobile staff

Design Studio / Workshop
  • perfect for a permanent art studio or hobby workshop

Permanent or Temporary Stock
  • for your online / mobile business
  • for your weekly sales
  • for regular items bought in bulk

Seasonal / Rotating Items
  • shop decorations for Christmas, Easter, etc
  • promotional material for end-of-financial-year, back to school, etc

Temporarily Unused Furniture
  • for storing cabinets full of old files
  • for reducing cramped working conditions
  • for more profitable use of your retail space
  • for a cheaper storage rate per square metre
  • to avoid buying replacement furniture when you expand

Wholesale Shipping / Receiving Depot
  • a cheap and easy solution for a centralised distribution point
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